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Evaporation concentration, evaporation crystallization, distillation and drying devices are high energy consumption process. Energy consumption accounts for a large proportion of the operating costs of these devices. Therefore, the reduction and optimization of unit energy consumption is crucial to reduce the whole operation cost. At present, there are three main technologies to minimize the specific energy consumption, which can be applied alone or in combination: Multiple Effect Evaporator ... [View More]
There are different ways to produce salt. The brine can be from sea brine, lake brine or wells brine. We have one client from Thailand with brine wells to produce salt by traditional evaporation system. In order to lower down the energy consumption, improve the economic performance, the client required MVR Evaporator system which can cut down over 50%~70% fresh steam consumption by using electricity. We provide corresponding re-construction solution to meet their requirement. Last month, our en... [View More]
Wuyuan County of Inner Mongolia, has over 2000 years of farming history. With sufficient light and heat, many different crops grow well here. After many years development, sunflower has become the main economic crops here, with over 1200km2 sunflower planting areas. The annual output of sunflower plate is 120,000~150,000 tons. Sunflower plate pectin contains about 15%; Straw pectin contains about 6% (dry basis). In order to extract the pectin from the sunflower plate/straw, we have several mont... [View More]
There are many ways to produce high salinity water, and the amount of high salinity water increases every year. Minimizing the impact of high salinity wastewater discharge on the environment requires removal of contaminants from saline wastewater. Commonly used methods include: Salt tolerant bacteria biochemical treatment Traditional evaporation equipment Film technology desalination Electrolytic desalination However, Because of the toxicity and inhibition of high salinity, the imple... [View More]
China has become the main producer and consumer of rubber additives. Rubber accelerator production capacity has been increasing rapidly, and the output has reached more than 70% of the global output. However, with the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, environmental protection problems have become the challenging problem. From end of last year, we communicate with KEMAI continuously, China largest rubber Additives Company. After many times modification, we together... [View More]