Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) evaporator & compressor from Leheng

MVR Horizontal Tube Evaporator

  • Low salt material liquid evaporation
  • Easy foaming domestic sewage evaporation
  • Landfill leachate treatment
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Different from normally falling film evaporator or rising film evaporator, the material liquid flow in outside of the tube and vapor flow inside of the tube in horizontal tube evaporator. Because the composition of the material is complex and easy to bubble, the material liquid is sprayed in mist to enter the heat exchanger, to ensure sufficient contact between the material liquid and the heat exchange tube, and to avoid the problem of scaling of the dry pipe. Meanwhile, the material liquid can increase the surface area by flow outside of tube, improving the heat exchange efficiency.

Product Features for LH MVR Horizontal Tube Evaporator:

  • Much better heat transfer coefficient
  • Suitable for the evaporation and concentration for low salt material liquid, easy foaming domestic sewage, Landfill leachate etc.
  • Not suitable for high concentration fluid, like fruit juice, milk, Sugar juice etc.