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Turbo Compressor

LEHENG compressor use unrivalled tailor-made impeller to meet your stringent performance requirements

Centrifugal Turbo Compressor

Industrial Vapor Compression Solution

LEHENG Centrifugal Turbo Compressor

Centrifugal Steam Compressor is the core component of MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) system. As the key component of the MVR system, steam compressor can improve the enthalpy of the secondary steam by compression of the secondary steam.

Through accurate calculation, accurate balance of investment and output ratio, our company design can obtain the reasonable processing capacity in evaporation system, fully utilize the function of the equipment, and achieve the best cost performance.
With leading technology, stable performance, and longer service life, LH Centrifugal steam compressor already reached the international advanced level.

LH Centrifugal Steam compressor is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, sewage treatment, desalination and other industries.

LH steam compressor has following advantages:

  • Adopt typical and mature motor & gear box & compressor structure, achieve high efficient, reliable operation, and simple maintenance;
  • Compressor body is isolated from the atmospheric environment of the gear box, to avoid the steam pollution from the lubricating oil;
  • Adopt the most advanced aerodynamic design platform, customization for each application, with higher accuracy, better compatibility and fast delivery.

Popular type compressors/blower details specifications comparison

Popular type compressors/blower applied for MVR system
Type High speed Centrifugal steam compressor Low speed Centrifugal blower Roots compressor
General features:
  • High compression ratio
  • Bigger mass flow
  • High efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Better working stability
  • Lower working noise
  • Low compression ratio
  • Bigger mass flow
  • Low efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Better working stability
  • Lower working noise
  • High compression ratio
  • Smaller mass flow
  • Low efficiency
  • Not easy maintenance
  • Not good working stability
  • High working noise
Details specifications comparison table
Temperature rise(℃) 23~25 8~10 30
Mass flow(m3/S) ≥3 ≥5 ≤4
Efficiency (%) 80~85 75 60
Impeller process method Integral milling welding casting
Strength for rotary part High Low High
Assembly accuracy High requirement in bearing accuracy middle High requirement in Lobed rotor
Working stability Better Better Not good
Working Noise Lower Lower Higher
Maintenance Better Better Not good

Remarks for high speed centrifugal steam compressor:
The lower mass flow, the higher impeller speed is required. The evaporation mass flow is much related with evaporation temperature. High frequency noise attenuation quickly.

Remarks for Roots compressor:
The higher temperature rise, the worse running stability; the gap between lobe rotors is easy to block.

Temperature rising and flow rate