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Multiple effect Evaporator

  • Suitable for customers with sufficient steam and relatively low price
  • Suitable for materials with higher boiling point of brine solution
  • Suitable for materials with many types of wastewater
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Multiple effect Evaporator Working Principle

Multiple effect evaporator is the combination of several sets single effect evaporator. The characteristic is to heat the next effect evaporator by used steam produced from the front effect, so as to reduce energy consumption. Usually there is double effect evaporator, three effect evaporator or even more effect evaporation system. More effects with more control points; the driving force of temperature difference at different effect is smaller. The system should be selected according to the job condition.

The multiple effect evaporator can be divided into a common multiple effect evaporation system and a forced circulation multiple effect evaporator. Forced circulation multiple effect evaporator (FCMEE). FCMEE system is designed with several sets external circulation pump based on several sets evaporator; Increasing the flow velocity of the material in the evaporating tube, improving the heat transfer effect and increasing the intensity of evaporation.

LH Multiple effect Evaporator LH Multiple effect Evaporator

Product Features for LH Multiple effect Evaporator:

  • High heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation intensity, prevents wall bonding and pipe blocking etc. especially suitable for materials that produce crystals during evaporation.
  • Separator with specialized foam removing device, can avoid leakage of material, punching, liquid foam mixture.
  • Online cleaning system available, clean the heating pipe regularly.
  • With patented technology, can get the higher solid content of 70%
  • DTB or OSLO separation structure, can achieve effective separation of clean liquid & dirty liquid, completely avoid crystal particles entering the heat exchanger tube
  • Can realize automatic control and save manpower cost efficiently