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In the era of green energy development, with the further advancement of the "dual carbon" strategy, industrial enterprises, as "big energy consumers", have increasingly strong demands for green transformation. Therefore, building efficient and sustainable energy-saving solutions has become an important task and challenge in the current industrial field. Based on the goal of dual-carbon green development, Leheng Energy Saving, a high-tech enterprise that masters core power equipment technology, ... [View More]
The 63rd (Autumn 2023) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and the 2023 (Autumn 2023) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, from Nov. 12-15th,2023, has successfully concluded at the Xiamen International Expo Center. As a professional pharmaceutical equipment and overall engineering solution supplier, Zhejiang Yaguang Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with numerous equipment and engineering solutions. The products and engineering service covering pharmaceu... [View More]
Distillation is a common and efficient separation method in the production process of chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. However, traditional distillation processes require a continuous supply of industrial steam from the outside during operation, and the light component secondary steam generated by the system needs to be condensed and refluxed for extraction. Not only does it have high operating costs, but a large amount of latent heat in the secondary steam is also difficult to be ... [View More]