Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) evaporator & compressor from Leheng

Wiped Film/Scraper Film Evaporator

  • Suitable for high viscosity, easy fouling and heat sensitive materials
  • Short residence time
  • Continuous production, flexible operation
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For high viscosity liquid, it is difficult to form film by raising film or falling film. Mechanical method should be adopted to make the liquid to form film and reach better heat transfer effect. The gap between the scraper & wall of evaporator is about 0.7~1.5mm. The scraper rotates continuously with mechanical transmission, to keep the film status.

Scraper film evaporator is specialized for high viscous raw material liquid. When the fluids viscosity exceed 50~100mPa.S, heat transfer coefficient of falling film or rising film will decrease sharply; When the fluids viscosity exceed 1000~10000mPa.S, falling film or rising film cannot be adopted fully. Scraper film evaporator can give better performance. Scraper evaporator is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially suitable for high viscosity, easy fouling and heat sensitive materials.

Scraper Film Evaporator Main Features:

  • Raw material with short residence time on the evaporation surface, without coking and no fouling, very suitable for high viscous material and easily crystallized material;
  • Can achieve low temperature vacuum evaporation;
  • Inclination angle of the groove on the outer side can be changed, so that the material residence time can be adjusted to meet the need of different viscosity materials evaporation;
  • Only suitable for small evaporation capacity, single effect work;
  • Suitable for continuous production, flexible operation, simple structure, easy maintenance, automatic control;

Structure composition:

The scraper film evaporator is mainly composed of motor & reducer, separating bowl, distributor, vapor liquid separator, evaporation body.