Application Solutions

Application Solutions

Application solutions by LEHENG, crystallization, ZLD etc.

Hydrazine Hydrate Waste Water Treatment


Project Infromation

Project name: Hydrazine hydrate waste water treatment

Key words: MVR evaporation desalination, industry waste water, higher COD


Project introduction

The client is China leading chemical company for hydrazine hydrate. The waste water generated during production contains a large qty of organic and inorganic salts. Traditional treatment method cost is much higher, and we introduce MVR Evaporation system to the clients with much better performance.

Project parameters

Water Inlet Capacity 50 Tons/h
Evaporation Capacity 40 Tons/h
Inlet Water COD 20 g/L
Solvent Recovery 1.3 Ton/h
Matched Power 800 kw x 2
Sodium Chloride Output 8tons/h, 95%