In the era of green energy development, with the further advancement of the "dual carbon" strategy, industrial enterprises, as "big energy consumers", have increasingly strong demands for green transformation. Therefore, building efficient and sustainable energy-saving solutions has become an important task and challenge in the current industrial field.

Based on the goal of dual-carbon green development, Leheng Energy Saving, a high-tech enterprise that masters core power equipment technology, has been increasing investment in production and research and development in the energy-saving transformation of traditional equipment and refined energy management in recent years. Up to now, Leheng Energy Saving has successfully provided more than 600 sets of energy-saving equipment and steam energy-saving system solutions to customers in new energy, medicine, environmental protection, food and chemical industries and other industries.

Impeller machinery based Energy-saving technology

Leheng on MVR steam power equipment technology since its establishment. After years R&D and optimization, Leheng now provide multiple series of steam compressors. The maximum evaporation capacity of the system can reach 100T/h, which is widely used in different industries. Stable and efficient operation can be achieved under different working conditions.

Centrifugal Steam Compressor

Leheng steam compressors are waiting to be shipped and will soon serve the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, new energy, wastewater treatment, etc.

Compared with traditional production equipment, the equipment sold by Leheng Energy Saving can reduce up to 2,700 tons of carbon emissions per year on average for each customer, which is equivalent to planting about 1,482 trees, which greatly helps customer companies reduce operating costs. It has made great contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction.

Empowering energy management for customers

Now, China's average thermal energy utilization efficiency is only about 30%. Industrial energy applications commonly have phenomena such as poor energy level matching or high quality but low use, low quality and useless. Many traditional production enterprises lack a deep understanding and refinement of energy conservation. Energy management experience and systematic understanding of project risks, investment return cycles, maintenance and repairs, etc., make it difficult to promote green transformation. As one of the pioneers in this field, Leheng Energy Saving is deeply involved in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and is committed to providing these enterprises with tailor-made refined energy management and energy-saving transformation solutions, such as:


  • Low-grade hot water heat energy recovery
  • Low-grade steam heat recovery
  • Energy-saving transformation of process systems
  • Steam decompression and coolingenergy saving solutions
  • Pipeline steam heating and pressurization
  • High pressure gas residual pressure recovery


Leheng Energy Saving has advanced customized design capabilities, pneumatic design capabilities, and processing capabilities in power equipment, and can provide highly personalized energy-saving equipment solutions based on the specific needs of customers. At the same time, Leheng equipment can also be used as the core and external equipment can be integrated to carry out overall planning for energy-saving transformation for customers.

Meanwhile, Leheng has the ability to produce products that comply with international standards such as API and ASME. The product quality has been strictly reviewed and recognized by professional engineering companies to ensure that each renovation project can achieve the best energy utilization efficiency and energy saving and reduction. row effect, creating long-term value and sustainable development for customers.

Provide efficient and practical energy-saving solutions

If you want to build a sustainable energy-saving solution and fully realize the potential of the energy-saving system, the support of a professional team is crucial. In this regard, Leheng Energy Saving not only has rich manufacturing experience and strong process research and development capabilities, but also accumulated rich experience. Engineering project implementation experience. We provide customers with comprehensive, integrated turnkey solutions from project design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning to after-sales service.

In an energy-saving renovation project for an ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment system commissioned by a well-known new materials company, Leheng team integrated the superior distillation process and impeller machinery design process of Yaguang Co., Ltd. to carry out a heat pump transformation of its existing deamination distillation tower, recover the steam heat energy at the top of the tower, improve the grade of the recovered steam through heat pump technology and return it to the system Provides the heat required for operation of process systems, thereby significantly saving industrial steam consumption.

Distillation column heat pump energy saving renovation 2024

After the energy-saving transformation of the heat pump, the project can save approximately 39,600 tons of industrial steam, reduce 1,133 tons of carbon, and reduce operating costs by 6.28 million yuan in one year of operation. The investment return period is less than two years. It brings considerable economic benefits to the enterprise and also contributes to the country’s energy conservation and carbon reduction goals.

In the future, Leheng Energy Saving committed to helping traditional production customers to create effective energy-saving transformation plans and refined energy management plans, striving to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers, and help our customer to accelerate their move towards green industry by using technology Innovate and jointly implement the "double carbon" strategic goals to create and enjoy a green future.