On April 28, LEHENG was invited to participate in the 2019 (4th) nickel-cobalt-lithium-manganese industry chain summit held in Yibin of China. At the meeting, experts and economists of domestic and foreign industrial chains from different enterprises and fields jointly discussed the development of nickel-cobalt-lithium-manganese industry, interpreted the policy trend of the industry, shared views on the development of China's new energy battery industry in 2019 and policies on the global macroeconomic situation and so on.

2019.05.04 The 4th Nickel Cobalt Lithium Manganese Industry Chain Summit

Liwei Zhang, who is the sales director of LeHeng Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd, made a brilliant speech at the summit, including brief introduction and development history ofLEHENG, MVR solutions on new energy battery and high salinity wastewater treatment.

LEHENG attend The 4th Nickel Cobalt Lithium Manganese Industry Chain Summit

At the same time, LEHENG won one of ten best equipment suppliers in nickel-cobalt-lithium-manganese industry chain of 2018, to commend the contribution that LEHENG had made to the nickel-cobalt-lithium-manganese industry.

LEHENG attend The 4th Nickel Cobalt Lithium Manganese Industry Chain Summit

LEHENG began its development in new energy battery industry since 2013, and it had supplied MVR evaporation crystallization system to many domestic and overseas companies which are specializing in raw material production for new energy battery, including Lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate, sodium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, manganese sulfate, etc. Meanwhile, LEHENG also provided MVR wastewater treatment system, which is to deal with brine wastewater like sodium chloride, sodium sulfate and so on during battery production. The MVR system could make companies realize the goal of zero liquid discharging.

LEHENG Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd is specializing in providing solutions on MVR concentration, crystallization, waste water treatment and so on. MVR from LeHeng has a wide applications, like Chinese traditional medical herbs concentration, chemical pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment and new energy battery production. Depending on researching and developing centrifugal vapor compressor by itself, LEHENG made outstanding contributions to environmental protection and energy saving of China. Owing to the applications of the compressor, fresh steam demands decreased, the operation cost, fuel consumption for producing fresh steam and carbon emission are highly reduced either.