Case Studies

Case Studies

Over 200 installations of MVR evaporator & steam compressor from LEHENG are serving various of industries all over the world.

3T/h MVR Falling Film Evaporator for Ethanol Extract Concentrating

Leheng MVR Falling Film Evaporator / Chinese herbal medicine concentrator is duel application system for water extraction and ethanol extraction. The ethanol is recovered for reuse, so it's also called ethanol recovery system.

This MVR Falling Film Evaporator is used for the concentration of Chinese traditional herbal medicine, the concentration of the feeding ethanol extract is about 1%, the discharge concentration is about 30%.

 The heat exchanger has two tube passes to produce higher concentration product.

Project Information

01 November 2015
Evaporation Rate

Energy Consumption Analysis

Operation Hours (H/Y) 7200 Electricity Price (USD/KW.h) 0.12
Steam Price (USD/T) 30 Cooling Water Price (USD/T) 0.015
Item Multi-effect Evaporator MVR Evaporator
Electricity (KW) 25 95
Live Steam (T/H) 1.2 0.1
Cooling Water (T/H) 120 20
Operation Cost per Hour (USD) 40.8 14.7
Cost of Evaporating one Ton of Water (USD) 13.6 4.9
Savings per Hour (USD) 26.1
Savings per Year (USD) 187,920.0
Savings Rate per Year 64%