Case Studies

Case Studies

Over 200 installations of MVR evaporator & steam compressor from LEHENG are serving various of industries all over the world.

Fumaric Acid Evaporation and Crystallization

The three effect fumaric acid evaporating crystallizer condenses the saline wastewater to the saturated, and then crystallizes the salt out of the wastewater by the external circulation high crystallizer, to realize the separation of salt and water.

Scope of application

Three effect fumaric acid evaporation crystallizer give much better performance in wastewater treatment of chemical industry, nonferrous metal, mine smelting, steel plant, pharmacy and other industries. After evaporation, the amount of COD in the water is reduced to a considerable degree. Separated crystal can be recycled and reused after drying.

Manual control

Reasonable design and installation, stable and simple.

Fully automatic control system

By PLC or DCS system, the system can run stable and accurate automatically.